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Charleston Collegiate is a great place to grow!

Nestled under grand, moss-laden live oaks, Charleston Collegiate School offers over fifty-acres of vast playing fields and wooded trails that inspire students' creative learning, connection to the outdoors and commitment to others.  Through a rigorous educational philosophy students are empowered with knowledge, creativity, curiosity, and confidence so that they can mindfully embrace the opportunities of tomorrow.



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Art Show

Over 75 pieces of artwork were on display, including animation, filmmaking projects, photography, graphic design, fine art, and more at our art show at Tupelo Bend.  Along with our artists' displays, there were local musicians, vendors, and artisans. 

Leadership Through Outdoor Education

Upper School students gain essential skills by working with nature, including important leadership skills. Whether it’s kayaking, white water rafting, or hiking —adventures call for specific language cues and gestures to ensure safety. Through nature, our students learn to communicate, conquer fears, persevere, and have empathy.

Cross-Curricular Connections

6th-grade students combined their social studies module on colonization with their love for space. Each student designed a patch that an astronaut could wear to remind the astronauts and scientists that we should learn from the tough lessons in history. NASA was so impressed with the patches that they wrote a letter back to each student.  

Project Based Learning

8th graders presented their "Soundtrack of My Future”. By writing an autobiography of key moments of the possible future which included a specific career and college they were able to evaluate different career paths along with learning how to budget for their current and future self.

Outdoor Education in Lower School

We are advocates and good stewards of our planet! Advocacy is a core value at CCS that is taught throughout every grade level.  Our students are taught to advocate for what is right and to take pride in their campus- including the acres and acres of our outdoor classroom!

Our children have been at Charleston Collegiate for six years and we are so amazed at how much we grow as a family through our relationship with everyone at CCS. The school's approach to learning allows our children to look forward to school every day. They are eager to participate and make a difference in whatever is presented in class. CCS is a school that thrives on relationships, incorporating family into the bonds that are created. Our children have gained confidence. We cannot say enough about this school, if you are looking for a home, please check them out.
Mom of two CCS students