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Our combination of rigorous academics, student-centered learning, leadership, service, and internships challenges CCS students to grow as individuals.

Originally founded in 1970 as Sea Island Academy, Charleston Collegiate School (CCS) is an independent college preparatory school nestled within 50 acres on Johns Island, South Carolina.

Charleston Collegiate School provides an environment grounded in mutual respect to allow our school community to gain an appreciation and awareness of our differences. Our diversity creates an environment that fosters an appreciation of the values, skills and abilities of everyone.

CCS’s mission is to empower students in a project-based approach that values collaboration, innovation, and individuality to become resilient leaders for 21st century careers. To fulfill this mission we strive to develop students who demonstrate critical thinking and curiosity with our rigorous curriculum which is based on CCS’s Pillars of Education.


Project-Based Learning provides CCS students with the opportunity to uncover creative solutions to everyday obstacles with in-depth research and hands on application. Collaborative project skills prepare students for future professional application. CCS is deeply committed to the PBL educational model.

Financial Literacy & Entrepreneurship courses are an incubator for collaboration, brainstorming, and business planning. Our students are introduced to financial concepts early on so they have ample time to develop and nurture their entrepreneurial spirit as they grow. From this curriculum, CCS students learn how to start a business from idea to execution.

Leadership through Outdoor Education provides students with participatory opportunities to learn risk management concepts, effective communication skills, and group leadership in an outdoor setting. CCS’s 30 acre campus is equipped with an Outdoor Leadership Education Center (OEC). Our OEC is certified by the Association of Challenge Course Technologies (ACCT) and includes nature trails, kayak programs, tidal swamp and dock, plus a low ropes course with team building elements that are unique to our campus and curriculum.


Oaks and Acorns: Mentorship program pairing upper and lower school students to model cooperation and growth. 

Jobs Crew: In addition to extensive community service, Upper School students work on a Jobs Crew each year, maintaining the school garden, devising equality and diversity initiatives, campus improvements, reading buddies, and student events.

Project-Based Learning: The use of Exhibition, Digital Portfolios, and Exit Interviews are a means to assess and reflect on their learning experiences. By publicly presenting and displaying their work, students demonstrate their depth of knowledge to the community.

Majors Program: Juniors complete 30 hours of internships each semester. Seniors complete75 hours of internships each semester.

Outdoor Education: This innovative program enhances sustainability education, teamwork, group leadership, effective communication, risk management, and wilderness skills.

Success Skills Curriculum: Students are challenged to develop and utilize what CCS calls  Success Skills because competency in these areas will provide students with the knowledge, skills, and attitudes that will be demanded of them in their future careers. Teachers support students in developing the following skills: critical thinking, collaboration, communication, managing information, problem solving, personal growth & wellbeing, cultural & global citizenship, and creativity & innovation.

Digital Portfolios:  The digital portfolio is a tool for students to display and reflect on their projects. By the time a CCS student graduates from high school, they will have will have a compilation of work. Their portfolio is deeply reflective of each student's learning experience.




A Charleston Collegiate student actively investigates and publicly presents solutions to project-based, interdisciplinary challenges, working alongside teachers who help facilitate their acquisition of critical thinking skills and knowledge.

The rigor of CCS’s curriculum reflects a deliberate transition away from Advanced Placement and Dual Credit coursework to an Advanced Learning model of College Prep and Honors classes, which are equivalent to International Baccalaureate Standard Level (SL) and Higher Level (HL) courses, respectively. Our combination of rigorous academics, student-centered learning, leadership, service, and internships challenges CCS students to grow as individuals.