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Charleston Collegiate prepares our students to enter the ‘real world’ with an entrepreneurial spirit of problem-solving, exploring college and career opportunities, and seeking to be proactive and well informed with financial literacy.

Aligning with one of the CCS Pillars for success, students take courses designed to prepare them to enter the 'real world' with an entrepreneurial spirit of problem solving, creating solutions to problems in all areas of life. Public speaking, entrepreneurship, and personal finance are foundational skills for future success.

Additionally, foundational skills in technology are a primary focus of the Middle and Upper School, and students are expected to understand how they can use technology to their advantage in acquiring knowledge, presenting to others, and reaching out into the world.

The Entrepreneurship Program introduces students to all aspects of starting a business. Students create a business with a marketable product for the purpose of serving a small community and then learn the daily operational elements of businesses to create a business plan for starting and financing a small business.

CCS students continue to acquire skills for expanding business opportunities and develop the ability to adapt to the changing environment of their consumers.

Students in all grade levels layer in a level of financial literacy and entrepreneurship in many of their projects.  Whether it is writing a grant to fund a chicken coop or a full business plan and marketing plan for launching a coffee cart.  Our students learn how to balance a budget in real life, we want our students to have the knowledge of how to be fiscally responsible.  

Our students are the innovators of tomorrow!

Our students are the innovators of tomorrow! 

CCS Students are provided the opportunity to create, market, and sell their products at events in our community and on our campus.  By learning how to set a budget, market, network, and present their products our students are developing their entrepreneurial skills at a very young age.  

Financial Literacy

We believe that teaching financial literacy and the essential principles of smart personal and business financial management. Part of this financial literacy is also teaching the important lesson of giving back to our communities!