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Experience the difference here at Charleston Collegiate School!  Through project-based learning we engage our students with proven teaching techniques that encourage critical thinking in a collaborative environment. 

This leads our students to be active participants in their own education. Their experiences will not only provide an opportunity for academic excellence, but also instill the love of learning and show practical, real-world application of their knowledge.  Our diverse student body, low student/teacher ratio, 100% college acceptance rates, and an outdoor-oriented campus are just a few of the highlights we have to offer.

The Charleston Collegiate environment values creativity, compassion for others, a passion for learning, and vibrant diversity. Our school is organized into three divisions:  Lower School (Preschool (3s)-5th), Middle School (6th-8th), and Upper School (9th-12th).  Our educational philosophy rests on our Four Pillars of Education: Project-based Learning, Creativity and the Arts, Leadership through Outdoor Education, and Financial Literacy and Entrepreneurship.

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Are you ready to step up and learn?

Step up and find your own greatness here at Charleston Collegiate!

We are nurturing the future innovators of tomorrow through joyful learning.  We believe strongly in the learner-centered classroom where the teacher is the coach and the student is the worker.  Likewise, allowing students to investigate real-world problems and challenges as a means of acquiring skills and knowledge is at the core of our learning process. Our students present their findings through exhibitions and engaging in meaningful reflection of the process of learning are at the core of the Charleston Collegiate educational experience.  While the foundation of the curriculum is traditional content, the approach to acquiring that knowledge is focused on the process of learning and the critical application of that knowledge to the real world.    We look forward to telling you more about why our students love coming to school and the success they have after graduating from CCS!