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Students begin their PreK year adapting to the school setting while practicing leadership skills, cooperation, and work habits. Through creative, exploratory play and learning with a centers-based approach, teachers work to build a foundation for the students’ love of learning.  

Group work and individual attention provide the nurturing environment needed to build independence and confidence - all while making sure our youngest learners have fun at school. Students learn to read simple sentences and write consonant-vowel-consonant words in language arts. They also begin using introductory sight words to build a reading foundation.

Students enjoy science through hands-on activities with topics such as body systems, ecology, and marine life. In math, our young students learn to recognize and accurately form numbers 1-20, build number sense, problem solve, learn sequence numbers, recognize place value, and count by 10s. 

Research shows that low teacher to child ratios are paramount in creating effective learning environments. 

We strive to keep our teacher to student ratio low in prekindergarten to help with the transition between home and a full day of school.  We also work very closely with our prekindergarten parents to make the transition from home to school smooth and enjoyable.  

Our students spend time outside learning about nature, how to garden, and how to transition from outside to inside learning.  

Students are respected for their learning styles and appreciated for their individual strengths and talents. Cooperative learning and leadership skills are promoted through our Outdoor Education classes and the Classroom Jobs Program. Teachers provide a challenging, stimulating environment with alternative assessments, hands-on activities, and off-campus outings to enrich the students’ active learning.

All students study the core curriculum of language arts, math, science, and global studies.



Kerry Ann Masoner, Lower School (PK-4th) Principal

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