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The use of technology at Charleston Collegiate is purposeful and reflects the four-pillars of our school.  Our mission is to cultivate a lifelong passion for learning and we utilize technology when that aligns with our mission.  Our school recognizes that students learn and engage in education differently than students of the past.  

Research has demonstrated that students learn best when they are actively engaged, and technology and engage students and enhance their learning.  Technology is utilized in lower school thoughtfully and only when it will enhance lessons learned.

Students use technology daily in the Middle School, and by exposing our students to computer science, they enhance their critical thinking skills and their ability to learn through trial and error.

Starting in Fifth Grade, students begin with an introduction to programming and expand to more complex formats in robotics and in HTML. The end product is students developing their skills at applying their knowledge to the digital world, and at the same time, practicing safe and responsible use of everyday and emerging technologies.

The Upper School S.T.E.M. curriculum continues to build on students’ foundations in its study and application of the concepts of science, technology, engineering, and math. We use an inquiry-based approach to learning, where students are guided to make discoveries through problem solving. In technology study, students explore advanced concepts of problem-solving, programming, and software design using a variety of languages and engaging contexts. Students will also master the use of multimedia, digital devices, and digital communication.

Our students have access to the Grimball Media Center, equipped with computers, age-appropriate e-books, and unlimited digital resources along with a digital art lab in the Upper School building.

Each student is also issued an iPad or a Chromebook, based off of their grade level, for use during the school year, which they fully utilize for homework, educational apps, research, and more.

With the entire Middle and Upper school using a 1:1 iPad/Chromebook model, online learning and "flipped classroom" techniques are more accessible. Lower School students have access to a class set of iPads to encourage exploratory learning.

iPads and Chromebooks enhance learning by:

  • increasing student engagement by approaching the students in their (digital) world
  • increasing efficiency and depth of the learning experience in the classroom
  • creating a more collaborative classroom learning experience
  • giving students a competitive advantage in an increasingly digital world
  • decreasing textbook costs incurred by the school and parents by 50% over 2-3 years 

iPads and Chromebooks are used at CCS:

  • as an organizational tool to track assignments, homework, and class projects
  • to access the internet to research information needed for class projects
  • to create online presentations
  • to create class papers and projects
  • to run a variety of applications to enhance their learning experience in class
  • to read electronic books, tests, newspapers, and magazines