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In the Upper School (grades 9-12) at Charleston Collegiate, we believe in creating a supportive environment which serves the needs of the whole student while providing a rigorous educational program. Through a project-based, learner-centered environment, students are given the opportunity to develop their interpersonal skills and connect content knowledge with real-world applications.

As upper school students grow and learn, they are mentored by an advisor who helps provide students with individual guidance and support.  Our students grow by being challenged through athletic opportunities, on-stage performances, academic competitions, mentorships, community service, and much more.  

Students engage in deeper learning through project-based, cross-curricular projects, gaining knowledge and skills by working for an extended period of time to investigate and respond to engaging and complex questions, problems, or challenges. Students collaborate, problem-solve, make decisions along their journey, create something new, present their work, and reflect on their learning experiences. By publicly presenting and displaying their work, students are allowed to demonstrate their depth of knowledge to the community.

A project allows students more time to work, and is an application of knowledge rather than just memorization of material.  Therefore, for classes like English, history,  languages, science, and often math a project may be assigned in place of a traditional examination or assessment. This practice can help students communicate to the teacher a deeper level of comprehension of the material - as opposed to a traditional assessment where students define memorized vocabulary terms or historical facts that likely have a much lower rate of long-term retention.

During my seven years as a student, Charleston Collegiate has offered a variety of opportunities to continue my education. My dream is to become first one in my family to go to college.CCS Alumnus & College Graduate




Gareth Griffith, Middle and Upper School (6th-12th) Principal

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