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Charleston Collegiate is proud to have a comprehensive Fine Arts program.  Each year, CCS students create plays and films that surround their academics, and visual masterpieces in graphic arts, painting, sculpture, photography, ceramic, wood, and so much more.  

Our Fine Arts Program connects to other academic courses using a cross-curricular learning approach to deepen comprehension.  Students are able to write a script and act out the water cycle in science class, create an artistic representation of a character from the novel they are studying in English class, create artwork based on the time period being studied in History, and film their own commercials for selling the app they created in S.T.E.M. class. 

Utilizing an integrated approach to performing arts, media arts, and visual arts, students focus on the inherent characteristics and expressive features of arts, including the historical and cultural contexts. Our students study the purpose and function of the specific areas of art and design, they produce and evaluate art with various materials and methods.

Our students then utilize the skills they learn in art, music, and theater in their academic projects.  Sometimes these projects are even delivered in Spanish!

The objective of the Fine Arts program is to give all students the opportunity to experience a variety of fine arts during their school years, so they may discover which discipline affords them the best outlet for their expression. 

In Music and Theatre, students learn improvisation techniques as they work toward the creation of their own scripted pieces for performance, they also explore music from all over the world.

In Studio Art, students investigate art forms of drawing and painting, and primitive and modern art are explored as students create their own pieces.

In Digital Art, students explore the areas of animation, 2D/3D modeling, digital photography, and graphic design. In Elements of Film/Film Making class, students create and edit films, using Final Cut Pro to edit their news stories and documentaries.

Our goal is to use art as part of our cross curriculum in projects- this is the best way for our students to learn a lesson or concept and retain the information for a lifetime.