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It is time for our playground to be revitalized in order to inspire our students' love of playing, learning, along with being creative and curious.  

Be part of the Charleston Collegiate legacy by helping us pave the path towards a revitalized playground.  Commemorate your experience at CCS by participating in our brick campaign by purchasing engraved bricks for your children, grandchildren, family name, and/or business.  The cost is $250 for a large brick and $100 for a small brick, this includes the cost of engraving, plus a give to the PTO Path to Play campaign.



A playground offers time to rest, play, imagine, be physically fit, and socialize with peers. Playgrounds serve as a place for peer bonds to be nurtured and developed.  Recess helps encourage better cognitive functioning - research shows that after recess students are more attentive and have better cognitive function. Our Lower School students deserve a playground where they can become more fit, create the energy to be able to focus on academics, and develop social and emotional skills to help them become leaders.  We have multiple options for donor naming opportunities and giving levels.  


+ Replace the 15+ year-old playground that has out-lived its useful life

+ Create a safer, more engaging and fitness-rich play area for students in the Lower School

+ Adding benches along the perimeter to create safe viewing places for teachers and parents

+ Erosion prevention plans and refilling mulch


+ Wizard’s Double Tower Fortress $51,000

+ Parkour 5                                           $22,000                   

+ Carousel with Seats                       $7,200 - 10,000

+ Balance Beam                                  $1,500

+ Five New Benches                            $7,500

+ Old equipment disassembled and removed; borders removed; mulch refill to code         $10,000

Rendering of Future Playground                                      







The Wizard's Double Tower Fortress is an irresistible play attraction! With its varied play corners and diverse physical play activities it is fun for children of all ages. The stairway with hammock makes a nice haven, the slides are thrilling rides down which helps train core stability as the child sits upright when sliding.

The Parkour 5 has wild appeal for 6-12 year-olds!! It's a fitness course that's fun and also challenging. The variation in climbing, crawling, balancing and meeting activities will make children come back again and again.

The Carousel with Seats has two seats and spinning option. It invites social play and excitement, a winning combination for children! The spinning starts by pushing or pulling the carousel into motion from the outside. Spinning on the carousel trains the vestibular system and the whole sense of balance. This is fundamental for the child's ability to navigate the world securely!

The Triple Balance Beam helps train children's equilibrium immensely. The sense of balance is a fundamental motor skill that is basic for the development of all other skills. The sense of balance for instance makes it possible for children to sit still and concentrate, so the fun of physical play supports this important part of child development. 

We invite you to join our effort to provide our students with a top notch play facility! We welcome any contribution to the playground renovation.