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Since the time of its founding, Charleston Collegiate School has been able to thrive and excel due to the generosity of supporters who have embraced the School’s mission of ensuring that our students are truly ready for the opportunities of tomorrow.  

Getting involved does not solely include giving or volunteering - it can be anything from helping out at athletic events, signing up to become a class parent, participating in fun family work days, attending student exhibitions, joining a fund raising event committee, and lots of other opportunities throughout the year.

Your participation ensures CCS students have the best educational experience possible!

Tuition only covers 70% of the true cost of a CCS Education.

CCS deliberately sets tuition below full cost in order to keep our school more affordable to a wider range of students, and to provide community members with opportunities to support the school with tax-deductible, philanthropic commitments. 

Thank you for supporting our students, teachers, and staff!