Charleston Collegiate School provides students with resources to become independent learners. In today's ever-changing world, technology is ingrained in most things we do. We utilize multiple technological innovations to best prepare our students for success in the future.
Our school recognizes that students learn and engage in education differently than students of the past.  Time and again, research has demonstrated that students learn best when they are actively engaged, and technology engages students.


We are proud to utilize Apple‘s iPad as a learning tool. 
CCS believes that learning can be personalized for every student, and the iPad Program gives students just that; the freedom and ability to explore how they learn best through the use of a multitude of different apps.

With the entire Middle and Upper school using a 1:1 iPad model, online learning and "flipped classroom" techniques are more accessible. Lower School students have access to a class set of iPads to encourage exploratory learning.
iPads aid the learning process by:
  • increasing student engagement by approaching the students in their (digital) world
  • increasing efficiency and depth of the learning experience in the classroom
  • creating a more collaborative classroom learning experience
  • giving students a competitive advantage in an increasingly digital world
  • decreasing textbook costs incurred by the school and parents by 50% over 2-3 years 

iPads are used at CCS:
  • as an organizational tool to track assignments, homework, and class projects
  • to access the internet to research information needed for class projects
  • to create online presentations
  • to create class papers and projects
  • to run a variety of applications to enhance their learning experience in class
  • to read electronic books, tests, newspapers, and magazines 



The Lower School's Student Literacy Lab is equipped with desktop computers and age-appropriate books.  Our children‘s book collection includes picture books, early reading books, fiction and non-fiction, and reference materials for students in Preschool through 4th grade.  

All Lower School students visit the Student Literacy Lab at least once a week.  The Lower School Literacy Lab serves the school community in an effort to support the curriculum and enrich the literary lives of its students.  During Literacy Lab class, they are introduced to various genres of literature through read-aloud sessions, book talks, and browsing experiences.

By the time students finish 4th grade, they have been introduced to many major reference materials including general information encyclopedias, biographical and geographical dictionaries, almanacs, atlases, and specialized encyclopedias. They also have been introduced to computerized sources of information such as DISCUS, a collection of reliable, comprehensive databases. In addition, students receive instruction in fact-finding and research techniques. 

Lower School students also have classrooms equipped with Smart Boards, which are used daily, and access to a class set of iPads to encourage exploratory learning.


The Middle and Upper School students have access to the Grimball Media Center, equipped with 15 Mac computers, age-appropriate e-books, and unlimited digital resources.  Each student is also issued an iPad for use during the school year, which they fully utilize for homework, educational apps, research, and more!

Student Resources Area are available from 7:30 a.m. until 4:30 p.m. Parents are permitted to visit the Student Resources Area with their children and are also encouraged to visit their public libraries in order to further broaden their children‘s access to literature and information systems.

Middle School students take year-long Computer Science courses, learning about the history of the Internet, how to safely and effectively navigate the world wide web, ways to design websites and apps, and even how to create programs using computer programming.

Upper School students may take such courses as Digital Arts, and also utilize their iPads for research and learning, and are taught how to utilize and apply digital research options and resources. All classrooms are equipped with smart boards and/or Apple TVs to ensure an interactive learning experience.
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