Junior Major:
  • 30 hours per semester
  • Digital portfolio and weekly blog
  • Public exhibition
  • Quarterly student evaluations

Senior Major:
  • 75 hours per semester
  • Digital portfolio and weekly blog
  • Public exhibition
  • Quarterly student evaluations
Charleston Collegiate School believes in encouraging students to unleash their passions into their academic world. To this end, we allow a Declaration of Majors for 11th and 12th grade students.

Our Upper School is not just designed to prepare students for college, but also for life. Our Majors Program moves students out of the traditional classroom environment and towards a deeper focus on their passions, soft skills, and professionalism. With this program, we give our students a jumpstart on their college and professional careers by providing intense and focused instruction that is unparalleled in other high school programs.

This program allows students to embark on an independent study, while being mentored by a CCS teacher or community member. Enabling students to be the keystone of their education allows them to become excited about the possibilities beyond graduation - preparing them not just for college, but also for life.  

Throughout their twelve-plus years at Charleston Collegiate, our students are provided with a great deal of academic enrichment, challenging coursework, intense project-based learning, and a phenomenal arts program. Our students internalize these experiences, creating aspirations for college and beyond.

CCS’s Majors Program was incorporated into our teaching curriculum in 2016. From that initial year we saw our students cultivate a more thoughtful and deeper understanding of not only their major, but themselves. Early on, they are able to begin their journey towards a career path or learn that they may need to detour. At CCS, we place no bounds (within reason) on the subjects or interests our students declare for their majors. We focus more on the learning experience and the unbridled passion each student brings towards their major.  
2024 Academy Drive
Johns Island, SC 29455

Phone: 843-559-5506

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