Building Charities Gifts CCS $25,000!

Building Charities has given its first round of major gifts to five local non-profits in Charleston – Charleston Collegiate School, Coastal Conservation League, Charleston Library Society, Preservation Society, and School of the Building Arts. Building Charities restores Charleston homes and provides profits to charities - Building Charities also gifted 31 other local charities after their first home sale.
Building Charities gifted $25,000 dollars to Charleston Collegiate School – this gift will go towards developing a Lower School Engineering Program, an Upper School Robotics Program, and will enhance its current Industrial Arts Program. The $25,000 dollar gift will help CCS continue to grow its Four Pillar educational philosophy – Project-based Learning, Financial Literacy and Entrepreneurship, Creativity and the Arts, and Leadership through
Outdoor Education.

Hacker Burr, head of Charleston Collegiate School, said of this gift, “The Building Charities business model is a perfect example of innovative genius at work and is exactly what we encourage our students to do themselves. Mrs. Hazard is looking at an industry and using creativity and innovation to disrupt a market, something every entrepreneur hopes to achieve. Her work is an excellent example for our students, and the fact that this gift comes from a long-time supporter and proprietor of education is just as meaningful to us as a school as the dollar amount itself. This gift is a vote of confidence in our mission, and we are incredibly grateful.”

About Building Charities: Building Charities was founded by Elizabeth Hazard in honor of her mother, Billie Hazard, who loved fine architecture, interiors and volunteered for a variety of non-profits throughout her life.  There could be no finer memorial to Billie than restoring houses while also providing money to charities.  Having bought and restored many homes to their original glory, Elizabeth has the ability to see the potential of a house and bring out its very best.